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My Work

Image of rainbow stained glass art with several different color and pattern hexagons coming together

A large pastel stained glass peacock window

Swan stained glass art

Pink house stained glass art

Rainbow leaf stained glass art

Stained glass art of several birds on a log

Hummingbird Stained Glass Art

Bee Stained Glass Art piece with beautiful spring colors

A Stained glass mountain scene paired with the oregon coast in glass - LARGE WINDOW

Sunflower stained glass art

Stained glass with dried leaf in the center

Stained glass rainbow leaf

Stained glass art with a deer in the center

Pink, red and yellow flower stained glass art

stained glass panel in a window

stained glass frog wearing a hat

Picture of a large blue stained glass flower with a yellow center

Stained glass firebird in an oval

a stained glass pink heart with a red panda in the middle, leaves come out from the edges of the art

Stained glass woman with leaves in her hair

Stained glass sunflower in doorframe

Stained glass cat with several colors

Pink Stained glass flower cut in half

A large stained glass panel with a geometric triangle in the middle with the words yes energy in black below.

Image of a square stained glass panel - a spider web in rainbow colors

A pink stained glass woman with a 2-d style showing as a side profile

Stained glass bee

Stained glass frog with an orange background

Rectangular stained glass piece with 3 monstera leaves and a rainbow background of color

Stained glass leaf with clear glass and a beach in the background

Stained glass mountainscape


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