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Online Beginner Stained Glass Class

Photo of a person learning how to make stained glass art and putting the materials together

Ever dreamed of learning how to make stained glass art?

In this day and age learning how to make stained glass art has never felt more difficult. Glass shops all over the world have closed down due to lack of demand and aging instructors looking to retire. Not only is it difficult to find a place that teaches affordable glass lessons also understanding all the tools you really need + how to find them are just overwhelming. I am here to fix this with my online beginner stained glass class!! This glass class is made for the folks who aren’t able to find a class in person nearby, don’t want to break the bank taking a class, can’t find the time to take an in person class due to a busy schedule, or even just prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home. I GOT YOU!! This little over an hour course can be done on your own time as it is pre-recorded. No need for a traditional studio when you have me and my wisdom guiding you from start to finish from the comfort of your own home! This is an evergreen course - once you purchase you have unlimited access and it never disappears so you can always revisit if needed!

The beautiful thing about this course is that not only do you have access to all of my videos you also get to pair it with my online stained glass blog that provides you every piece of additional advice you need including pictures and tool links for easy purchase. A treasure trove of information all at the click of a button!

Photo of founder Meggy teaching the stained glass class

Clear close-up shots showing you all the steps while I talk through them and you get to create the same project as me in real time. Plus if you ever get stuck you will always be able to replay, pause, re-watch the full course as needed. A perk that not even in person classes can offer!

Photo of someone making a stained glass moon in the class

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